Revitalization – Massage Zen

Bienvenue, Welcome to my page, my name is Keita Onozaki. Here is one of the main life activities of mine, Massage Zen 漸 Revitalization.

Revitalization – Massage Zen 漸 technics from Japanese Shiatsu and Thai Traditional Massage provide a non-stop flow of comfortable stretches and deep pushes along the energy lines all over your body.  The breathing of two people synchronizes, leading to a maximum result: relaxation and detoxification – improving the blood and energy flow and deeply connecting to the immune system, our self healing system. Our human nature is to be healthy and strong. REVITALIZE yourself.

It also supports recovery from muscular problems, relieves back pain, helps by sleeping disorder, stress, head-ache, shoulder and neck stiff, too much thinking, psychological disorder etc.

It is very simple. Comfy clothes on, breathe slowly and let it happen…
massage Nice Cote d'Azur Keita France   Back pain lombalgie Nice France Massage   Stiff shoulder epaules Nice France Massage

Découvrez Massage Zen                                    30 euros for 1 or 2 areas of your target zone. (about 30 min


70 min 78 euros

100 min 100 euros

130 min 156 euros

FOOT MASSAGE (REFLEXOLOGY)  * with organic herbal oil and cream.

50 min 44 euros

on reservation 

0033 6 86 81 61 90  every day 9am – 10pm

“Mas Sage” – 1178 route de Brovès, 83830 Bargemon France


At your villa, hotel, boat etc.

Keita Onozaki

maru ni mokko Keita Nice France Massage

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