Open the lungs a little more so the grid (spine) can reconnect us from our mother Earth to our Universe. Some of us forgot how to relax.India France Keita Masseur Nice Thai Shiatsu Let me show you how. 

Life is continuous healing. It starts with focusing on the body, mind and spirit in its wholeness. How?

By slowing down, being in the present moment, smiling from the heart, breathing consciously – eating tasty, healthy food and enjoying great nature – we are experiencing something very special…

The good news is… we’re alive! and that’s what we have in common right now.

I met massage in 2006 in Thailand and it made me aware of my body. Since then I’m on this path. I love sleeping. It makes me relaxed and happy. Do you sleep well?  What is the essence of all nutrients? – Prana or Ki – discover the nature of the body and its needs. Listen to our body. Find the signs.

This state of unity – you can sense it through massage.

In Japan, there is a word called GOEN. Translated, it means DESTINY. The GOEN to meet and share time with somebody. You have found me already –

Now I’m looking forward to meeting you!

maru ni mokko Emblem Japan France Nice Massage

on reservation 

0033 6 86 81 61 90 e-mail consultation (Free)

Keita Onozaki


  1. Hello. I would very much like to come and see you ASAP for a massage. My back has been playing up and also my feet have been tingling.


  2. Excellent introduction ~ conscious heart ❤️ connected wisdom…
    When in Nice (Saturday)I shall see if you have an opening… Blessings of Health! 🙏


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