“Votre massage sur mesure par un proche” Private massage class for couples and groups

What’s better than taking a good massage from someone you feel that you are being understood?

I’m good at massage. And yet somebody dear to you might prefer your massage.

When you are 2 or more people you can take private massage classes in your place.

Imagine a couple wishing to learn how to relieve neck and shoulder stiff for her and lower back and knee pain for him:

We will work on different approaches customized to your needs. You practice how to push, stretch, breathe etc. How to locate the pain so that one deep push effects all of the body.

Once you have experience from massage classes, you know how to help your partner, family or friend in everyday life. Sharing massage. You share quality time.

Hand Neck Head Shoulder pain stiff massage Nice France Keita   Leg back pain stiff Nice massage Keita France Massage Shoulder Neck cou tete mal nice france          Stiff mal epaules oeil Massage Nice port France          Neck Shoulder stiff mal cou Nice Massage

because we all love massage

2 hours private massage class (2 people)                180 euros

4 hours private massage class (from 3 people)      90 euros per person

Individuals? You are welcome to join  The Body Workshop  in Nice or ask for a class with a partner provided.

maru ni mokko Keita Massage France

on reservation

0033 6 86 81 61 90 every day from 9am – 10pm


Keita Onozaki

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